Thank you for your interest in a career with the Frederick County Sheriff's Office. As the primary law enforcement agency in the county, we are responsible for not only law enforcement; but also corrections, court security, and civil process service - all of which offer a remarkable variety of career opportunities. The Frederick County Sheriff's Office is an outstanding agency in which to work, and Frederick County offers a great quality of life for working in the field of law enforcement.


- Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

We Are an Equal Opportunity Employer

The Frederick County Sheriff's Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age and/or disability in employment or in the provision of services. Sign language interpreters and/or special accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.

current openings

Correctional Officer - Lateral

This is a continuous opening with no closing date.

Correctional Officer
Now Open to age 18!!

This position is currently open.

Correctional Officer - Dietary Manager

This is a continuous opening with no closing date.

Registered Nurses - Licensed Practical Nurses

This is a continuous opening with no closing date.

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Application Process

When you see an advertised Frederick County Sheriff's Office job that interests you, follow the appropriate links provided to prepare your electronic application form. Please do not send unsolicited applications or resumes. For assistance with the application process, contact the Frederick County Division of Human Resources at 301-600-1070.

During the application process, the Division of Human Resources will review all applications received with a member of the Sheriff's Office. This review will ensure all necessary qualifications and information is documented on the application. The Division of Human Resources may notify you if you are rejected for not meeting the necessary qualifications to continue the application process, including reason(s) for the rejection.

Agility Test Requirements

Part of the pre-employment evaluation includes a competitive Physical Agility Test. Testing consists of 3 individual parts, ensuring all applicants are physically fit for employment consideration. Applicants must pass all segments of this testing to be considered for employment. The test consists of sit-ups, push-ups, and a 300 meter dash, in that order.


Lie on your back with your knees bent so that your feet are flat on the floor. Your partner will hold your feet and count the number of correct repetitions. Arms should be kept behind your head or folded across your chest to perform sit-ups. This test measures muscular endurance. (Core Body)

Minimum requirement: 15 repetitions in one minute (effective Oct. 1, until then 25 repetitions)


From the prone position, place hands palms down slightly wider than shoulder width apart with fingers pointing forward. Push your body upward until arms are straight, do not lock elbows! From this position when told to start, you will lower you body until your chest touches your partner’s fist, keeping your back straight at all times. The rest position is in the up position only! This test measures muscular endurance. (Upper Body).

Minimum requirement: 15 repetitions in one minute (effective Oct. 1, until then 19 repetitions)


300 Meter Dash

The 300-meter run will be on a hard flat surface. This test measures anaerobic power (Sprinting Ability)

Minimum Requirement: 90.0 seconds (effective Oct. 1, until then 75.3 seconds)

Selection Process

Completion of a recruitment examination and selection process can take three to four months. Candidates found eligible, but not immediately selected, may be contacted for subsequent placement during the eligibility period. Reapplication will be required if you are not selected within the active eligibility period. Candidates permanently disqualified from any process will be prohibited from re-application.

An employment agreement is required for all Correctional Officer candidates. Selected Correctional Officer recruits must enter into an agreement to reimburse the Sheriff's Office for costs incurred for training, uniforms, and equipment if the candidate leaves employment within three years of completing a recruit academy and accepts employment with another corrections agency within one year of termination. 

The Sheriff's Office does not require employees to reside within Frederick County or within a required distance of the county as a condition of employment. Sworn Deputies will be provided a county assigned vehicle and be permitted to park the vehicle at their residence in Frederick County, or at an approved off-site location within Frederick County nearest their residence if residing outside of Frederick County. 

The Sheriff's Office provides non-competitive advancement opportunities for employees at the Deputy Recruit, Deputy, Deputy First Class, and Correctional Officer I and II levels. A promotional process is in place for supervisory positions at the Corporal, Sergeant, and Command levels.

All Sheriff's Office positions are subject to random drug testing.

For an overview of each step in the selection process, view the slider below.

Written Examination

The Sheriff's Office will schedule and notify you of your written test date, time, and location. All tests are based on valid, useful, and non-discriminatory methods. The Division of Human Resources will notify you as soon as the scores are tabulated.


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