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Program Overview


In mid-January 2022 the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office will begin a year-long trial period with two well-known body-worn camera vendors.


Currently there are six patrol teams assigned to the Sheriff's Office. From January through June 2022 the trial will take place one patrol team at a time using Axon’s Body 3 cameras.


In late June through December 2022, the patrol teams will then transition into trying the Motorola V300.


During the trial periods, there will be 15 body-worn cameras deployed in the field. The purpose of the trial is to determine which camera system works best for the agency in regards to the physical device, software, and related cost analysis. Once the trial period concludes, research gathered throughout the timeframe will be evaluated and a vendor will be selected.

With the creation of the body-worn camera program, the public may find themselves with questions that surround body-worn cameras. In an attempt to help answer some of those questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this page.


Should you have additional questions or suggestions related to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Body-Worn Camera Program you may direct them to

Frequently Asked Questions
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