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Request for Records and Public Information

Welcome to the Frederick County Sheriff's Office Records Section page. Here you can request records, incident reports, public information, and crash reports.  All requests for records will be done so in accordance with agency policy, the Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) Title 4 of the General Provisions Article, and applicable court & judiciary rules.

We encourage you to read this entire page to determine how to request the appropriate type of report.  Our process for receiving and fulfilling requests has recently changed.

Please be advised that beginning June 13, 2024, the Frederick County Sheriff's Office will implement GovQuest, a new online system that allows you to submit requests for agency records.  This system will make submitting requests for and receiving public records easier.  The system will also allow you to pay for and receive your records electronically.  The online method will be the preferred method for making, receiving, and paying requests for records.  If you are unable to make your request online, please come in person to the Frederick County Sheriff's Office located at 110 Airport Drive East, Frederick MD 21701 or call 301-600-1740.

Types of requests accepted using the GovQuest system:

  • Incident reports

  • Call for service records

  • Public available records

  • Background checks (see below statement regarding background checks)

  • Body-worn camera footage

  • Photographs

  • Fatal/life-threatening crash reconstruction reports (see below statement for standard vehicle crash reports)

  • Official requests from government agencies for records


Please submit your requests for records at and select Frederick County MD Sheriff’s Office from the list of agencies. You will be able to search for existing records in the system or request a copy if the records are not currently available in the system.  


You will be asked to submit your request electronically and create your account (there is no charge for creating an account) by providing contact information and creating a secure password. If you already have a GovQuest account, log in and navigate to the request records platform. A registered account will enable you to:  

  • Receive notifications regarding the status of your request as it is being processed;  

  • Communicate directly with the agency regarding questions about your request;  

  • Submit supplemental request information that may be needed;  

  • Download your requested records and save them in your account;  

  • Review your purchase history;  

  • Pay for your records online. 


We look forward to serving you with this new service going forward.  



For vehicle crash reports, visit this link – – You will need the following information:

  • Report number

  • Last name of involved party

  • Date of accident


There are costs associated with using this tool and reference the Crashdocs website for more information.

Please allow 7-10 business days after the vehicle crash for the report to be on this website.




Request for background checks may be submitted using the GovQuest system. Only requests for background checks related to criminal justice employment will be accepted. The request must be made by a representative of a government agency, police department, military, etc. with a corresponding government or official email address. A signed authorization release is required and can be uploaded through the GovQuest platform.


*For a notarized Criminal History Clearance Letter, you must schedule an in-person appointment (appointments are only on Tuesday and Thursday) by calling 301-600-1658.




DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                       FEE 

Police Incident Reports 

  • Email / Electronic version 20 pages or less ($.25 each additional page)                             $5.00 

  • Printed version 20 pages or less ($.25 each additional page)                                               $5.00 


Photographs (email link or printed ($.25 each for more than 20 printed photographs)       $5.00 


Collision Reconstruction File                                                                                                         $20.00 


Media on a USB drive                                                                                                                       $20.00 


Certified postage for mailed records/media- fee is based on receiving zip code                       


Body-worn Camera Videos 

  • Video less than 10 minutes long                                                                                                $20.00 

  • Video less than 20 minutes long                                                                                                $30.00 

  • Base for video over 20 minutes plus add $1 per minute of video requested.  

            (i.e. 43 minute video= $40.00 + $23.00 (23 minutes over 20 min)=$63.00                    $40.00


*Additional fees may be applied to any record that requires excessive redaction                   

or time-consuming production. These fees are based on the hourly wage

of the employee who is fulfilling their portion of the request as applicable under

Maryland GP § 4-206.  


**GovQuest Electronic Payment Convenience Fee                                                                  $3.50 


***Fees for incident reports will be waived for victims of domestic abuse and              

crimes of violence as defined in MD Criminal Law §14-101.

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