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Corrections Bureau

Lt. Colonel William V. Delauter, Corrections Bureau Chief, oversees the Corrections Bureau, which consists of four divisions of operations; administrative services, community services, inmate services, and security operations. Within each of these divisions there are sections and units.

Administrative Division
  • Accounting

  • Procurement and Budgeting

  • Personnel

  • Logistics

  • Inmate Records

  • Accreditation

  • Technology

  • Background Investigations

  • P.R.E.A.

  • Compliance/Disciplinary Office

Security Division
  • Security Operations

  • Transportation Unit

  • Emergency Response Team

  • Central Booking

  • Gang intelligence

  • 287(g) Program

Community Services Division
  • Alternative Sentencing Program

  • Work Release Program

  • Home Detention Program

  • Pretrial Services Unit

Inmate Services Division
  • Classification and Programs

  • Food Services

  • Medical and Mental Health Services

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