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We Are an Equal Opportunity Employer

The Frederick County Sheriff's Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age and/or disability in employment or in the provision of services. Sign language interpreters and/or special accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request.

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Continuous Openings

Current Openings
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Application Process




When you see an advertised Frederick County Sheriff's Office job that interests you, follow the appropriate links provided to prepare your electronic application form. Please do not send unsolicited applications or resumes. For assistance with the application process, contact the Frederick County Division of Human Resources at 301-600-1070.

During the application process, the Division of Human Resources will review all applications received with a member of the Sheriff's Office. This review will ensure all necessary qualifications and information is documented on the application. The Division of Human Resources may notify you if you are rejected for not meeting the necessary qualifications to continue the application process, including reason(s) for the rejection.

Application Process
Complete the Frederick County Government NEOGOV Online Application. Application links can be found above under the “Current Openings” section.
When hiring processes open, a link to this form will be available. This form is REQUIRED before you attend the Testing & Interview day. Once completed, forms can be emailed to
 or brought in person to your Testing & Interview day.
Click Here to Download the Physician’s Authorization Form. This form must be completed by any licensed Physician to authorize you to participate in the Physical Agility Testing. Applicants MUST bring this completed form on your Testing & Interview Day in order to complete the Physical Agility Test.
Physical Agility Test Requirements
Agility Test Requirements
Part of the pre-employment evaluation includes a competitive Physical Agility Test. Testing consists of four individual parts, ensuring all applicants are physically fit for employment consideration. Applicants must pass all segments of this testing to be considered for employment. The test consists of sit-ups, push-ups, a 300-meter dash, and a 1.5 mile run in that order. Required repetitions/ times are included in the chart below.

Lie on your back with your knees bent so that your feet are flat on the floor. Your partner will hold your feet and count the number of correct repetitions. Arms should be kept behind your head to perform your sit-ups. This test measures muscular endurance. (Core Body)

From the prone position, place hands palms down slightly wider than shoulder width apart with fingers pointing forward. Push your body upward until arms are straight, do not lock elbows! From this position when told to start, you will lower your body until your chest touches your partner’s fist, keeping your back straight at all times. The rest position is in the up position only! This test measures muscular endurance. (Upper Body).
300 Meter Dash
The 300-meter run will be on a hard flat surface. This test measures anaerobic power (Sprinting Ability)

1.5 Mile Run
The mile and a half (1.5) mile run will be on a measured course. This is the best cardiovascular test available. Upon test completion, a mandatory cool-down period is enforced. This test measures use of force beyond 2 minutes. (Endurance)
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Untimed Items

Barrier Climb- Applicants will be required to climb over a 3-foot high barrier.

Dummy Drag- Applicants will be required to drag a 150 pound dummy across a 15-foot length.

Stair Climb- Applicants will be required to climb and descend two flights of stairs.


Written and PT testing dates are scheduled monthly. Once you complete the Online Application (Step 1) you will have a prescheduled date to attend. If you are unable to make the prescheduled date please contact or call 301-600-2833 for alternative scheduling. 

On your Testing Day you will complete: 

•    Written Examination - *Lateral Applicants are EXEMPT from the written examination
•    Physical Agility Testing (Authorization Form Signed by Physician Required)

Find a helpful study guide for the written test at this link

Your panel interview will be scheduled approximately two weeks from your testing date. This interview will be scheduled by an FCSO representative before you leave your testing date.
Upon successful completion of the written examination, physical agility test and panel interview, you will be notified of your eligibility status. The eligibility list generally remains active for a period of one year. Candidates are selected from the list as position vacancies arise. If you are not selected during the eligibility period, you may reapply for the next active recruitment period. 
The Sheriff will make conditional offers of employment based on each candidate’s eligibility and the number of vacancies that are available. Conditional offers are contingent on successful completion of all remaining selection requirements, and are not a guarantee of employment.


Background Investigation -After receiving a conditional offer of employment, candidates will undergo a background investigation by a member of the Sheriff's Office.

Polygraph- All Sheriff's Office candidates will be scheduled for a polygraph examination. Inquiries will be made into areas such as criminal history, credit, drug use, and personal history.

Medical Examination & Drug Screening- During the background investigation process, you will be scheduled for a medical examination and drug screening. All medical examinations are conducted by a county contracted physician at no cost to the candidate.

Psychological Exam- All Deputy candidates will be scheduled for a psychological evaluation during the background investigation process.

Selection Process
Selection Process

Completion of a recruitment examination and selection process can take three to four months. Candidates found eligible, but not immediately selected, may be contacted for subsequent placement during the eligibility period. Reapplication will be required if you are not selected within the active eligibility period. Candidates permanently disqualified from any process will be notified and prohibited from re-application.

An employment agreement is required for all Deputy Recruit candidates. Selected Deputy recruits must enter into an agreement to reimburse the Sheriff's Office for costs incurred for training, uniforms, and equipment if the candidate leaves employment within three years of completing a recruit academy and accepts employment with another Law Enforcement agency within one year of termination. 

The Sheriff's Office does not require employees to reside within Frederick County or within a required distance of the county as a condition of employment. Sworn Deputies will be provided a county assigned vehicle and be permitted to park the vehicle at their residence in Frederick County, or at an approved off-site location within Frederick County nearest their residence if residing outside of Frederick County. 

The Sheriff's Office provides non-competitive advancement opportunities for employees at the Deputy Recruit, Deputy, and Deputy First Class. A promotional process is in place for supervisory positions at the Corporal, Sergeant, and Command levels.

All Sheriff's Office positions are subject to random drug testing.

For an overview of each step in the selection process, view the slider below.

Written Examination

The Sheriff's Office will schedule and notify you of your written test date, time, and location. All tests are based on valid, useful, and non-discriminatory methods. The Division of Human Resources will notify you as soon as the scores are tabulated.

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