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Neighborhood Watch

The purpose of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office Neighborhood Watch program is to encourage building relationships within the neighborhood, create a streamline communication network, share crime prevention techniques between the Sheriff's office and residents, and build a safer community.

Crime Facts

There are three basic elements needed for a crime to occur:

1. Ability to commit the crime

2. Criminal desire

3. Opportunity to commit the crime

As individuals, we have little control over a person's desire to commit a crime. However, we have considerable control over opportunities offered and the ability required. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity, requiring very little special ability. Therefore, if we reduce opportunities for crime and make crime more difficult (increasing the need for special abilities), we will significantly reduce the risk of crime and the severity of crime if it should occur in your community.

Benefits of Membership
  • Direct one-on-one contact with a Sheriff's Office liaison Deputy

  • Receive Sheriff's Office crime data and trends

  • Residential Security Surveys

  • Neighborhood Watch warning signs for display in your neighborhood

  • Network and information sharing with neighbors

  • Burglary Prevention/Physical Security

  • Crime Reporting (Emergency/Non-Emergency)

  • Other specialized training available upon request

The Frederick County Sheriff's Office Neighborhood Watch program is modeled after the highly successful national Neighborhood Watch Program established in 1972. Neighborhood Watches are organized in a geographical area. Watch activities are facilitated by the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator (chosen by community members) who acts as the liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the community.

There is an unlimited potential for success in crime prevention with the Frederick County Sheriff's Office and your neighborhood. This is our goal for Frederick County.

Interested in joining?

Sgt. Trevor Hajjar

Community Services


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